A little reptile is in the bathtub., Did you invent this drum?, He has been absent from class., I dislike people who scare me., That is just a little mistake., I have been at the dentist., The fireman is blinking from too much smoke., I want that plastic jug., Do you own a backpack?, I like to invent things., Frank is a stepup friend., I admit I like the month of May., Did you put a cupcake inside your bookbag?, The reptiles are the park are huge., Do you want to go to the public art show?, Have you been to the fair over there?, Put that game down and go outside., My friend said nothing is the matter., Your friend has work to do on his manners., The month of April has thirty days..

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العجلة العشوائية قالب مفتوح النهاية. ولا يصدر عنه درجات توضع في لوحة الصدارة.

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