To: I have _____ go to the store. , Where can the cat go _____?, Peter likes _____ eat chocolate cake. , Trevor wants _____ climb a mountain. , After going _____ the store, I will go _____ the library. , Too: Sammy will be going _______. , Joshua wants to go to the store _____., I want to go with you _____!, Doing long division is _____ much work!, ____ many times have I had to remind you to do your homework. , Two: There are _______ dogs sitting in the corner of the house. , Did you eat ______ donuts this morning?, May I please have _______ hugs and kisses?, I have ______ new friends to visit today. , I need you to do ______ things this afternoon: take out the trash, and do the dishes. ,

To, Too, or Two

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