1) When do you use a tch a) right after a vowel b) right after a short vowel c) after a consonant 2) what are the watch out vowels a) a, e, i b) o, u, i c) e, i, y 3) Watch out vowels make a C a) say /s/ b) say /k/ c) say /z/ 4) What is the name of the spelling rule that tells us when to use a tch vs a ch at the end of a word? a) Floss b) Milk Truck c) Catch Lunch 5) What letters get doubled at the end of a single syllable word? a) f, l, s, and z b) s, l, and x c) p, q, d and r 6) Can a word start with a ck? a) YES b) NO c) SOMETIMES 7) When making a contraction, should you ever change the first word? a) NO b) SOMETIMES c) YES 8) How many units have you learned a) 5 b) 100 c) 16 9) When reading a word you don't know, it is better to ... a) guess at it b) sound it out 10) Scientific research says that the best readers read by a) phonics knowledge and practice b) sight and memory 11) Who of the following people had/have dyslexia? a) Walt Disney and Robin Williams b) Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso c) George Washington and Steven Spielberg d) ALL OF THE ABOVE 12) At the end of a word, a ck is only used a) right after a short vowel b) when you want to be fancy c) After any vowel 13) The exceptions to the CATCH LUNCH rule are a) luntch, muntch, buntch b) such, much, rich, witch c) such, much, rich which 14) The exceptions to the Floss + Z rule are a) gas, bus, yes b) gras, bas, yes c) mas, snif, buz 15) Yes is spelled with one s because it is short for a) yes-sir-ee-Bob b) yesterday c) yellow 16) One S on the end of a word will usually make a a) /s/ sound b) /z/ sound c) no sound

Barton - Complete Level 3 Review

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