When do we sleep? , When do we eat breakfast? , When do we take a bath?, When do we wear sunglasses? , When do we put on a bandaid?, When do we use an umbrella? , When do we need to wear a coat? , When do we wear a swimming suit? , When do we wear a seatbelt?, When do we turn on a flashlight? , When did you last see a doctor?, When was the last time you went swimming?, When was the last time you played at a friend's house?, When did you go on your last vacation?, When was the last time you went out to dinner?, Who puts out fires? , Who do we go see when we're sick?, Who takes care of animals at the zoo?, Who teaches kids at school? , Who delivers mail? , Who checks our teeth for cavities?, Who helps people in the store?, Who takes care of sick animals? , Who has a job of cutting people's hair? , Who flies an airplane? , Why do we put gas in a car?, Why does a giraffe have a long neck?, Why do we mow the grass?, Why do we wear sunglasses?, Why do we take a bath?, Why do we use an umbrella?, Why does a bird have wings?, Why do we have teeth?, Why do we wear shoes?, Why do children go to school?, What can we wear on our back? , What do bees make (that we can eat)? , What do dogs like to chew on?, What do we need when it rains (to keep us dry)? , What do we wear on our feet? , What do cows give us (that we can drink)? , What do spiders build? , What is a lawn mower for? , What do we use for eating cereal? , What does a red light mean? .

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