1) My dad got a new tru__ a) truck b) truc c) truk 2) We saw him do a magi__ trick. a) magik b) magick c) magic 3) I like to drink mil__ with my lunch. a) milk b) milck c) milc 4) Never take an elephant's tus__ a) tusck b) tusk c) tusc 5) If you want to see the time, look at the clo__ a) cloc b) clock c) clok 6) Sil__ is smooth and soft. a) Silk b) Silck c) Silc 7) My ne__ was sore after school. a) nek b) nec c) neck 8) Making the bed is my tas__, not his. a) tasc b) task c) tasck 9) To stay safe, you must wear a mas__ a) mask b) masck c) masc 10) She snu__ up on me and made me scream! a) snuk b) snuck c) snuc

Milk Truck Rule, Barton Level 3

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