1) I happened to ______________ in her direction and our eyes met. a) glance b) glanse c) glanss d) glanc 2) I had to try the routine ________________ to make sure I had it down. a) twis b) twise c) twice d) twic 3) We have to go to the store ___________ we have no bread. a) sinse b) sins c) sinc d) since 4) Coach says we will have an extra ______________________ before the game. a) practis b) practice c) practic d) practise 5) My dad works in an ___________ with a computer. a) offise b) office c) offic d) offis 6) Did you have a _____________________ to talk to your friend last night? a) chance b) chanc c) chanse d) chans 7) I didn't even ________________ you standing there! a) notic b) notise c) notice d) notis 8) The king and queen live in a giant ________________________. a) palac b) palas c) palase d) palace

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