1) I (never/be) to Edinburgh. 2) My great great grandfather (have) five sisters. 3) He (live) in Rome for a year when he was a student. 4) Oh no! I (lose) my wallet! 5) (you/see) Julie today? 6) BONUS- make your own sentence in Present Perfect 7) Last weekend, they (play) football, then they (go) to a restaurant. 8) I (read) six books this week. 9) Amy (live) in Portugal when she was young. 10) She (visit) her grandmother last month. 11) She (live) in seven different countries, so she knows a lot about different cultures. 12) I (go) to the cinema last night. 13) Ow! I (cut) my finger! 14) (you/see) 'The King's Speech'? 15) John (never/understand) the present perfect. 16) She (break) her leg the day before her exam. 17) We (see) Oliver yesterday. 18) He (be) here all morning. 19) King Henry the Eighth of England (have) six wives. 20) Last night I (lose) my keys - I had to call my flatmate to let me in. 21) I (lose) my keys - can you help me look for them? 22) I (visit) Paris three times. 23) Last year I (visit) Paris. 24) I (know) Julie for three years - we still meet once a month. 25) I (play) hockey since I was a child - I'm pretty good! 26) She (play) hockey at school but she didn't like it. 27) Sorry, I (miss) the bus - I'm going to be late. 28) I (miss) the bus and then I (miss) the flight as well! 29) Last month I (go) to Scotland. 30) I'm sorry, John isn't here now. He (go) to the shops. 31) We (finish) this room last week. 32) I (finish) my exams finally - I'm so happy! 33) Yesterday, I (see) all of my friends. It was great. 34) I (see) Julie three times this week. 35) She (live) in London since 1994. 36) She (live) in London when she was a child. 37) I (drink) three cups of coffee today. 38) I (drink) three cups of coffee yesterday.

Past Simple or Present Perfect


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