1) Which flag is the Welsh flag? a) b) c) d) e) 2) What is the population of Wales? a) 3.15 million b) 5.31 million c) 31.5 million d) 590 thousand e) 12 million 3) What is the capital of Wales? a) London b) Swansea c) Cardiff d) St David e) Aberystwyth 4) Which famous children's author was born in Wales? a) Michael Morpurgo b) David Walliams c) Roald Dahl d) C.S. Lewis e) J.K Rowling 5) Which is the highest mountain in Wales? a) Ben Nevis b) Snowdon c) Sca Fell d) Camedd LLewelyn 6) Two things are considered national emblems of Wales, one is the leek, what is the other? a) b) c) d) e) 7) What does Wales have more of per square kilometre than any other European country? a) houses b) churches c) mines d) trees e) castles 8) The Welsh for Wales is Cymru and the motto is 'Cymru am byth'. What does it mean? a) Wales is great b) Wales forever c) Wales is the best d) Welcome to Wales e) Wales is beautiful 9) How big is Wales? a) 10,000 square kilometres b) 200,000 square kilometres c) 100,000 square kilometres d) 20,000 square kilometres e) 50,000 square kilometres 10) What is considered to be the national sport of Wales? a) Hockey b) Rugby c) Cricket d) Football e) Skiing




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