Freezing: When you put an orange drink in the freezer it goes solid., When it’s cold, car windows get ice on the outside., Puddles sometimes turn into ice when it’s very cold in winter., If you put a loaf of bread in the freezer it becomes hard., Sometimes, instead of raining, it hails., Melting: When you leave ice-cream out of the freezer, it becomes soft., If you put an ice cube in a drink it disappears., On a hot day chocolate in your pocket becomes soft and messy., If icebergs float into warmer water, they get smaller., When you burn a candle, the wax runs down the candle., Evaporating: You can make soup thicker by boiling it., If you lay fresh apricots in the sun they dry out., When you use a hair dryer your hair becomes dry., When you hang the washing outside, it dries., When you iron damp clothes, they dry out., Condensing: Some mornings the grass is wet with dew., When you have a shower, the mirror steams up., When water vapour rises from the sea, it turns into a cloud., Some advertisers use a small plane to write in the sky., On a cold day you can see your breath.,

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