1) Tom met Sylvie in 2010. They _____________ married since 2016. a) were b) have been   c) are 2) I’m really tired! I ________________ a break since ten o’clock.  a) haven’t b) haven’t had c) didn't have 3) Jodie wasn’t at school today. She has had flu ______ last week. a) since b) for c) from 4) Steve has lived in Sofia ___________ ten years. a) ago b) for c) since 5) I ____________ Dan since last year. a) haven’t seen b) saw c) didn't see 6) Phil has played the piano ______________ he was twelve. a) since b) when c) for 7) My cousins ____________ on holiday for two weeks. a) have gone b) has been c) has gone 8) She _____________ Bill since his birthday last month. a) hasn’t seen b) doesn’t see c) didn’t see 9) I have known my best friend _________ 2012. a) of b) for c) since 10) They _____________ his laptop! They can prove that. a) haven't stolen b) hasn't stolen c) haven't steal




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