1) They  __ on the phone last night. a) talk b) talked c) talking d) took 2) Did they __ the floor? a) clean b) cleaned c) cleaning d) cleans 3) Did he __ at home last week? a) stays b) stay c) stood d) staying 4) Did you __ a boat yesterday? a) sail b) sailed c) sold d) sailing 5) They didn't __ last Monday. a) played b) play c) playing d) plays 6) We didn't __ TV yesterday. a) watched b) watch c) watches d) watching 7) I __ at home last night. a) wait b) waited c) waits d) waiting 8) John didn't __ his bike last week. a) washed b) wash c) washes d) washing 9) She didn't __ to music last night. a) listens b) listen c) listening d) listened 10) Did we__ in the playground? a) walk b) walked c) walking d) walks


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