ACCESSIBILITY - Relates to web design/coding standards and refers to how easy it is for everyone to use your website., ADDRESS BAR - The white bar towards the top of your computer screen., ANCHOR TEXT - The text a link (hyperlink) uses to refer to your web page. These make a difference in your search engine results., BANDWIDTH - It may help if you read "traffic" first, but very simply, bandwidth relates to how much a resource is used. , BCC - Means "Blind Carbon Copy". An email feature. If you send someone a BCC email, their email address will not show in the "to" field., BROADBAND - Relates to a type of internet connection., BROWSER - When you visit a website, you are seeing it on a browser. , BROWSING - Going to different websites on the internet and looking around., CASCADING STYLE SHEETS - Also referred to simply as CSS, Cascading Style Sheets are used to define the look and feel of a web site outside of the actual HTML file(s) of the site. ,

Unit 28 Website Production




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