1) It can't fly. a) fly b) spider c) mosquito d) wasp 2) It doesn't live on land. a) dolphin b) gorilla c) giraffe d) lion 3) It can't swim. a) crocodile b) rhino c) shark d) whale 4) It isn't a cat. a) cheetah b) leopard c) tiger d) giraffe 5) Its babies come from eggs. a) snake b) whale c) gorilla d) elephant 6) It doesn't eat meat. a) zebra b) lion c) shark d) cheetah 7) It's bigger than a cat. a) hippo b) fly c) mosquito d) wasp 8) It has stripes. a) wasp b) mosquito c) leopard d) fly 9) People kill them for their fins. a) snakes b) sharks c) wolves d) gorillas 10) They don’t have any legs and can be poisonous. a) rhinos b) whales c) snakes d) ants

Wild animals 6th grade


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