Sandals - What you wear to the beach, Salt - This is on pretzels , Soil - You plant flowers in this , Sandwiches - Deli markets make good _____, Sun - This can give you a bad burn!, Sushi - This is my favorite food :), Cinnamon Roll - A delicious breakfast treat , sick - You cant go to school when you are ___, Suit case - When you go on a trip you need to bring a __, Surf Board  - This item is fun to use in the waves , Sandbox  - Little kids enjoy making castles in these , Sour - ____ gummy worms are my favorite , Smile  - Dont frown, you should ____, Shower - When your dirty you need to take a _____, Shave - When your beard is too long you need to____, sugar - To sweeten my coffee I put _______ in it , Sink - I put my dirty dishes in the ____, Scissors - I cut paper with____, Candles - On your birthday you blow out _____, lights - When its dark you night to turn on the ____,

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