1) Helen and Lucy are sisters. _____ mother is a nurse. a) They b) Her c) Our d) Their 2) Pat ______ a picture now. a) paint b) are painting c) is painting d) paints 3) Kelly _____ like playing tennis. a) don't b) doesn't c) isn't d) aren't 4) They visit their granny _____ Saturday. a) on b) in c) at d) last 5) Dan _____ my sister yesterday. a) met b) meet c) meeted d) meets 6) Jack usually gets up _____ 8 o`clock. a) in b) on c) ago d) at 7) Three _____ are watching a video. a) man b) men c) mans d) man's 8) _____ they often ride their bikes? a) Did b) Are c) Do d) Does 9) Ann usually watches TV _____ the evenings. a) at b) last c) on d) in 10) Peter and I are brothers. _____father is a postman. a) Our b) Their c) My d) We 11) I ______ a kite now. a) is flying b) are flying c) fly d) am flying 12) We _____ like playing football. a) aren't b) don't c) isn't d) doesn't 13) Dave _____ to the theatre yesterday a) goes b) want c) went d) go 14) Ben usually gets up _____ 6 o`clock. a) last b) on c) in d) at 15) Two _____ are running away from the cat. a) mouse b) mouses c) mice d) mouse's 16) _____ you often eat fruits? a) Are b) Do c) Does d) Is 17) We sometimes jogging _____ the morning. a) in b) at c) ago d) on 18) They read a lot of __________________. a) story b) storys c) story's d) stories





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