The ____ was lost in the shop. Jim was ____ to the old man. Fred went to get a ____ hog. The chimp did not mind the ____. ____ the top and it will spin. The bus spun and hit the ____. Bob did not find the ____ dog. The dog sat on his ____ legs to beg. Do not drop trash in the ____. ____ was on the old crab buns. Bob had a bad ____ so he did not go to the bash with Jan. Jim was in a ____ with Tom. Sid did not wish to ____ the cash for the band. Jim ____ Beth that he did not wish to see her. Brad ____ his best gold ring. It was ____ on the gulf. Tom is ____ with his dad. Bill is the best ____. Bob sold the ____ of silk for lots of cash. The ____ went to grab the golf ball.

2.3 Sentence Reading


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