1) It was so _______! I thought this restaurant was cheap.  a) light b) expensive c) modern d) dangerous 2) She always gives money and clothes to poor people. She is not selfish. She is ______.  a) happy b) delicious c) careful d) generous 3) Why are you so _____? Look at your sister! She is always tidy.  a) distant b) tidy c) pessimistic d) unhappy 4) Are your bags heavy? - No, they are _____ a) easy b) light c) dark d) simple 5) Are you open tomorrow? - Sorry, we are _____ a) busy b) selfish c) closed d) tired 6) Is this river deep? - No, it is _____ a) light b) heavy c) messy d) shallow 7) Is New York ancient? - No, it is ______ a) new b) fresh c) old d) modern 8) If you have a lot of money, you are ______. a) poor b) rich c) generous d) selfish



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