1) I am spotty, yellow and look like a big cat..what am I? a) Lion b) Cheetah c) Tiger 2) I am very big, grey, wrinkly and have a long nose...what am I? a) Mouse b) Zebra c) Elephant 3) I describe a person, place or thing...what am I? a) Noun b) Adjective c) Verb 4) I am round and when you hit me with a stick, I make a loud noise!...What am I? a) A phone b) A banana c) A drum 5) I am a describing word, use me to add information to your noun a) Adjective b) Noun c) Verb 6) I am an action word, I describe what you are doing a) Verb b) Preposition c) Adverb 7) I am round, orange and juicy...what am I? a) An orange b) A pear c) A mango 8) Use me to describe where something is...what am I? a) A preposition b) A conjunction c) A verb 9) I am big & fat, I wear red clothes and I have a big fluffy white beard..who am I? a) Elf on the shelf b) Rudolph c) Santa 10) I like cheese, cheese and cheese..who am I? a) Superman b) Geronimo Stilton c) Peppa Pig 11) To win me you have to score the most points by making bigger words than your opponent..what game am I? a) Scrabble b) Dominos c) Monopoly 12) You can find me under the tree at Christmas, wrapped in shiny paper and a bow..what am I? a) A present b) A Christmas pudding c) A mince pie 13) I am a collection of words you put together to tell a story...what am I? a) A word b) A sentence c) An article 14) I am your favourite thing to do..what am I? a) Swimming b) Eating c) Travel

What or who am I?


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