1) What is globalisation? a) Looking at maps. b) Making globes. c) The process of the world's countries connecting as a result of international trade. 2) How has globalisation occurred? a) Increased population - more products and more people to trade with. b) The climate is getting warmer. c) There is more pollution.  d) Better transport links so we can travel further. e) Better communication technology so we can connect with more people. f) People are having more parties. 3) Why do we trade globally? a) Distribution of natural resources - some countries have resources we don't have. b) Climate - we can't grow everything in the UK. c) Cost - it's often cheaper to import goods. d) Limited land mass - we don't have enough space in the UK alone. e) It's better for the environment. f) We get a wider range of products in our shops. 4) What are the negatives of trading globally? a) More pollution from transport. b) Less products to buy. c) Less money for our local shops. d) There aren't enough people to trade with. e) More preservatives in food. 5) What is a natural resource? a) Something that we find in nature that we want or need. b) Something that tastes good. c) Something children play with. 6) What natural resource would you find in mobile phones? a) Vegetation b) Soil c) Animals d) Minerals e) Water 7) Which countries in Europe have minerals for mobile phones? a) Russia b) Chile c) Belarus d) Peru e) Mexico f) United States 8) Why are minerals traded? a) Many products need minerals to work. b) People just feel like it. c) Something to do with Minecraft.

Midpoint Business Managers Recap





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