1) Which of the following is an open source application? a) Apache b) Microsoft edge c) Apple iOS d) Photoshop 2) A user needing a zero cost email client would be well advised to install a) Thunderbird b) Outlook c) Eudora d) IBM Notes 3) A group of software developers share code for a community project, what would the best license type to use? a) Open source b) Closed source c) Bespoke d) Shareware 4) Which of the following is an example of closed source software? a) Ubuntu b) Apache c) Firefox d) Photoshop 5) A developer of software wising to keep tight control of their program source code should use a a) Freeware license b) Open source license c) Closed source license d) GPL license 6) A well-known high street retailer sells computer software this is known as a) Bespoke software b) Shareware software c) Closed source software d) Off the shelf software 7) A software development company is looking a methods of distributing its products, which method can be used to sell via retail outlets a) Open source b) Bespoke c) Off the shelf d) Freeware 8) A company needing a purpose built software system will require a) Closed source b) Off the shelf c) Bespoke d) Shareware 9) A software development company is employed by large organisations and governments to make software systems to meet their needs, their software is said to be a) Closed source b) Off the shelf c) Bespoke d) Shareware 10) A limited feature version of software is frequently used for promotion which type of licence is used a) Shareware b) Open source c) Closed source d) Bespoke 11) A software manufacturer only allows users to download a reduced feature copy of software directly from their website a) Freeware b) Shareware c) Off the shelf d) Bespoke 12) Software used to control a home appliance is known as a) Open source b) Embedded c) Bespoke d) Off the shelf

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