1) An application which allows queries a) Spreadsheet b) Database c) Word processor d) email 2) Runs applications directly from the high level language a) Translator b) Debugger c) Compiler d) Interpreter 3) To ease the production of high quality documents a) Spreadsheet b) IDE c) Word processor d) Translator 4) Forecast trends in numerical data a) IDE b) Spreadsheet c) Debugger d) Database 5) Communicate with others a) email b) IDE c) Translator d) Word processor 6) Detects errors in code a) Translator b) Compiler c) IDE d) Debugger 7) Converts program code to processor code a) Interpreter b) Word processor c) Compiler d) Database 8) Provides a single interface for program development a) Compiler b) Translator c) IDE d) Interpreter

Application software quiz 1




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