1) tent a) open b) closed c) R-controlled 2) stride a) Consonant le b) Vowel Team c) Silent E 3) shy a) Vowel Team b) Open c) Closed 4) crest a) Closed b) Open c) R-Controlled 5) cry a) Open b) Closed c) Vowel Team 6) scream a) Silent E b) Vowel Team c) R-Controlled 7) A Vowel Team Syllable has 2 vowels that make a long sound or a vowel team that make a new sound. a) True b) False 8) stamp a) Open syllable b) Vowel Team Syllable c) Closed d) R-controlled Syllable e) Silent e Syllable 9) time a) Silent E Syllable b) Closed Syllable c) Open Syllable d) R- controlled Syllable 10) True or false- rainy has 2 syllables a) True b) False 11) look a) Vowel Team b) Closed c) R-Controlled 12) Closed Syllables have 1 short vowel closed in by 1 or more consonants. a) False b) True 13) Open Syllable words or syllables end in a vowel, the vowel is long, there is only 1 vowel. a) True b) False 14) Which words are Vowel Team Syllables? a) key b) go c) see d) bend e) couch f) smooth 15) Pick the words that are Open Syllables a) she b) sky c) smile d) stay e) we f) leap 16) sharp a) Open b) Closed c) Vowel Team d) Silent E e) R-Controlled 17) Which words are Vowel Team Syllables a) her b) throw c) clay d) dream e) cube 18) need a) Silent E syllable b) Vowel Team c) Open 19) joke a) Closed b) Open c) Silent e syllalbe 20) drop a) closed syllable b) open syllable c) Silent e Syllable


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