1) What is the full name of the main character in this book? a) Charlie Bucket b) Joey Smith Trotter c) James Randall Trotiere d) James Henry Trotter 2) What are the names of James' aunts? a) Sally and Singer b) Josephine and Jillian c) Gertrude and Georgina d) Sponge and Spiker 3) When James gets the bag of 'bugs' from the old man, what colour was it? a) brown b) green c) black d) purple 4) How many legs does Earthworm think Centipede has? a) 42 b) 52 c) 100 d) 68 5) Centipede has eaten many weird things, including beetles. What does he think improves the beetles' taste? a) carrots b) scotch c) vinegar d) chocolate 6) What type of grasshopper is Old Green- Grasshopper a) long-bottomed b) short-horned c) violin-player d) wing-rubber 7) How many spots does Ladybug have? a) 2 b) 5 c) 6 d) 9 8) How many seagulls does it take to lift the peach? a) 101 b) 102 c) 501 d) 502 9) Who throws large hailstones at the peach? a) centipede b) The Cloud Men c) Zeus d) No one 10) What does the old man give James a) a peach b) crystals c) advice d) magic beans 11) How much did Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker charge the public to see the giant peach? a) 1 penny b) 1 French Franc c) 1 Dollar d) 1 Shilling 12) Where did the giant peach land after it rolled out of the garden? a) In the sea b) At the bottom of the street c) In a coal mine d) In a lake 13) Which of these was used as bait so they could escape the sharks? a) Centipede b) Earthworm c) Ladybird d) Silkworm 14) Which of the insects fell off the peach while it was up in the air? a) Earthworm b) Miss Spider c) Centipede d) Grasshopper 15) Where did the peach land when it fell out of the sky? a) London Bridge b) James' house c) Big Ben d) Empire State Building 16) Why did James move in with his Aunts? a) He wanted to move away from the beach b) His parents died c) He liked his aunts better than his parents d) His parents couldn't afford to raise him anymore 17) Which of the following was NOT an instruction the old man gave James? a) never drink the mixture b) add 10 personal hairs to the mixture c) mix the green objects in water d) drink the mixture after it begins to boil 18) Who gnawed off the beach from the tree? a) Ladybug b) Miss Spider c) Centipede d) Earthworm 19) Who made the beds for James and the insects? a) Centipede b) Miss Spider c) Grasshopper d) Earthworm 20) What does James do when visitors come to see the peach? a) He helps his aunts with ticket sales. b) He bakes peach pies to sell to the visitors c) He gives tours of the peach d) He stays in his room.

James and the Giant Peach





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