1) Jack and I _______ badminton yesterday. a) play b) played 2) We _______ tennis yesterday. a) didn't play b) play 3) My sister _______ dinner last night. a) cook b) cooked 4) My brother _______ dinner last night. a) didn't cook b) cooks 5) Jo and Sam _______ the teacher yesterday afternoon. a) helped b) help 6) They  _______ me yesterday afternoon. a) help b) didn't help 7) We _______ in the sea last summer. a) swam b) cooked 8) My mother _______ in the sea yesterday. a) didn't cook b) didn't swim 9) David _______ last week. a) taken a lot of photos b) took a lot of photos 10) I _______ last week. a) didn't take a lot of photos b) didn't swim 11) We _______ a new dress yesterday. a) buyed b) bought 12) I _______ the film yesterday. a) liked b) likes 13) They _______ the cartoon last morning. a) didn't saw b) didn't like 14) We _______ to the forest last week. a) went b) don't go 15) They ______ to the forest with us last week. a) go b) didn't go

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