1) STIs are transmitted by all of the following ways EXCEPT a) Sexual Intercourse with an infected partner. b) Blood transfusion with infected blood. c) An infected mother breastfeeding. d) Sharing infected needles. e) Sharing eating utensils. 2) Which PATHOGEN below do not cause STIs? a) Viruses b) Bacteria c) Protozoa d) Fungi e) Parasites 3) What treatment can be given to STIs caused by bacterial infection? a) Antifungal b) Antiviral c) Antibiotics d) Proper nutrition. 4) STIs caused by viruses are curable? True or False a) True b) False 5) Which STI below is not caused by a VIRUS? a) HPV b) Chlamydia c) HIV d) Herpes e) HTLV 6) Which STI below CANNOT be treated with antibiotics? a) Chlamydia b) Gonorrhea c) Syphilis d) Herpes 7) All of the following are common signs/symptoms of a STI EXCEPT a) Itchy genitals or anus. b) Unusual discharge from penis, vagina or anus. c) Difficulty breathing. d) Rash or lumps around genitals, mouth or anus. e) Blisters or sores around genitals, mouth or anus. f) Painful or burning urination. 8) STIs are prevented or controlled by these practises EXCEPT a) Practise safe sex. b) Abstinence c) Proper screening of blood. d) Stop breastfeeding of babies. e) Sterilize needles before use. f) Raise awareness




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