1) You should always wash their hands before handling and preparing food because . . . . a) It keeps your hands looking nice b) it prevents bacteria spreading c) To keep your boss happy d) It helps bacteria spreading 2) To stop dirt and bacteria being brought into the food preparation areas you should . . . a) wear the same clothes all week b) should change into clean clothes before starting work c) only change their clothes if they spill something on them d) wear whatever you like as you will be wearing an apron anyway 3) You should change aprons after what . . . . a) working with meat and poultry b) working with meat poultry and eggs c) working with meat poultry eggs and unwashed vegetables  d) working with raw food eg meat poultry eggs and unwashed vegetables 4) If you have diarrhoea and or vomiting you should not return to work until you are symptom free for how many hours a) 24 b) 36 c) 12 d) 72 e) 48 f) 99 5) If you have a cut or sore it should be covered by a brightly coloured waterproof dressing because . . . a) cuts and sores can carry harmful bacteria b) It will stop them stinging c) People might find them unpleasant to look at d) To stop them becoming infected 6) We use a brightly coloured waterproof dressing because . . . . . a) If it drops into the food it can be easily seen b) It can match your clothes so looks better c) So that it reminds you to change it regularly d) So that others know you have a cut or sore 7) Which of the following can you wear when preparing food . . . . . a) a watch b) a necklace c) a wedding and an engagement ring d) a plain wedding band 8) It is good practice for us to do what when preparing food a) tie back hair and if possible wear a hat b) wear a hat c) Tie back hair d) Keep hair short 9) aprons should be worn because . . . a) They keep your work clothes clean b) You don't have to wash your work clothes so often c) they protect food from contamination from your clothes d) they make you look professional 10) Nails should be kept . . a) long and sharp b) short and clean c) beautifully manicured d) however you want 11) Outdoor clothing should be removed and not worn in the kitchen. a) True b) False

Food hygeine / personal hygiene




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