1) What Are The Three Watch Out Vowels a) a, e, i b) e, i, y c) a, e, i, o, u d) e, i, o 2) What are the two ways to spell /k/ at the END of a word? a) ck, k b) c, ck, k c) k, c 3) What are the two ways to spell /k/ at the BEGINNING of a word? a) p b) k, c, ck c) k, c d) ct 4) What is ALL called? (three letters together that make an unusual sound) a) unit b) digraph c) milk truck rule 5) The Floss + Z rule means to ... a) floss your teeth at night b) spell /s/ with a Z c) double an F, L, S, or Z at the end of a words 6) The Kiss the Cat rule means... a) spell /k/ with a C when ever you can b) Cats are cute, kiss them c) Corben Does not have A Cat d) Max does not have a Cat 7) If you need a /k/ /c/ /ck/ sound right before an e, i, or y use a  a) C b) CK c) k 8) A unit is 3 letters together that ... a) spell the word cat b) look cool together c) makes an unusual sound and go on the end of a word 9) The Cry Baby Rule a) Reminds us that Y says i on a short word b) Reminds us that a Y says /E/ on a multi-syllable word c) Reminds us to spell the long /e/ or long /i/ sound with a Y d) All of the Above 10) Who's the BEST Barton Tutor Ever a) Superwoman b) Ms. Kirsten c) Mrs. Splash d) The Green Goblin 11) The FLU rule  a) means wash your hands so you don't get sick b) long U says /U/ or /oo/ c) Long U has only one sound 12) The EX rules reminds us to a) Never put an S after an EX b) Never Put a Z after an EX c) Spell Egg or eggs or eggz as EX (unless its an actual egg) d) All of the Above 13) The Music Trick Rule reminds us  a) to spell /ick/ as ic after a multi-syllable word b) That listening to music helps us spell better 14) The Fancy Nancy Rule reminds us that a) We should dress well b) That we should spell /see/ as CY at the end of a word c) That Nancy is Fancy 15) The Campus Confess rule reminds us that a) if the last syllable is accented double the s b) if the last syllable is not accented double the s c) You should tell all of you secrets at college 16) A schwa sounds like a a) long U b) a short U c) a fart 17) Which letters turn to schwa in a closed syllable a) o and i b) any vowel with an L and O's and A's c) O and E 18) Closed O's and A's in an unaccented syllable turn to Schwa a) This is the Texas Blossom Rule b) This is the Campus Confess rule c) This is the Pipsqueak rule 19) Any Vowel with an L in an unaccented syllable can turn to a schwa, the rule is: a) Stupid Rule b) Vowel L Rule c) Cancel Pencil Rule 20) If you hear a short vowel and nothing closing it off double the next sound you hear a) This is the Texas Blossom Rule b) This is the Happy Rule (Pupy puppy) c) This is the Short Vowel Rule 21) If I get another question I will ..... a) jump for joy b) scream and run away


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