1) Good questions to ask at interview are: a) How old are you? b) Will I get any training for the job? c) Are you married? d) Will I be given a uniform to wear? 2) What would be good clothes to wear at an interview? a) A pair of shorts and a t-shirt b) A suit c) Overalls d) A smart skirt and blouse e) Jogging bottoms f) Trainers 3) When you arrive for your interview you should: a) Shake hands and say "Alright?" b) Shake hands and look out the window c) Shake hands and say "Hello, nice to meet you" d) Shake hands and sit down e) Shake hands and say "How you doin?' 4) During the interview it is important to: a) Slide down in your chair so you are comfortable b) Put your feet on the desk c) Sit upright with good posture d) Stand up straight and not sit down 5) You can stop yourself from fidgeting by: a) Crossing your arms b) Holding your hands on your lap or on the table c) Putting your hands in your pockets 6) It is a good idea to talk about: a) What you did at the weekend b) What you watch on the television c) Work experience you have done at college d) Your pets




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