Past: Shokoufeh was so hungry, she ate  5 packets of crisps., Ghali stayed late at the gym., Zobaidah cooked a delicious curry for her family., Shteeba drove very slowly through the snow ., It was still raining, when Sakar left the class., Present simple: I often nap after lunch., Yasmin always does her homework., I take a shower every morning., In the evening , Naiza likes to watch reality TV., Basalat usually picks up his children from school. , Future meaning: I am flying to Pakistan tomorrow., Look out! We're going to crash!, Anne will be 21 next year!, I will quit eating chocolate next week!, We're going to have paella for dinner., Present continuous: Anne is  drinking the whole bottle of juice., Gabriela is playing football., Barbara is fixing the car., Ivonne is jumping in the puddles., We are learning English now!, Present Perfect: We have worked hard in class today., They've finished their sandwiches., You've got plenty of time., Have you ever been to India?, I've lost my purse. ,

Past, present and future tense sorting L1





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