Share amounts equally - Divide, Subtract the smallest from the largest - Range, Out of 100 - Percent, The space inside of a shape - Area, Distance around the edge of a shape - Perimeter, A number mutiplied by itself - Squared (2) , Smallest to the largest - Ascending Order, Largest to the smallest - Descending Order, A fraction with a larger top than bottom number - Improper Fraction, A whole number and a fraction shown together - Mixed Number Fraction, The likelyhood that something will happen - Probability, Corners (where two or more edges meet) - Vertices, Smaller than 90 o  - Acute Angle, Greater than 90 o , but smaller than 180 o - Obtuse Angle, Larger than 180 o , but smaller than 360 o - Reflex Angle, Add all data together, then divide by how many bits of data - Mean,

Maths Vocabulary Functional Skills L1


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