1) St. Vincent and the Grenadines is part of the a) Leeward Islands b) Windward Islands c) Bahamas 2) There are _________ Grenadine Islands. a) 32 b) 23 c) 33 3) This Grenadine Island is known as "Island of the Clouds". a) Mustique b) Canouan c) Bequia 4) These are two towns in St. Vincent. a) Union Island and Mayreau b) Layou and Georgetown c) Buccament and Mespo 5) La Soufriere last erupted on this date. a) 29th April, 2020 b) 29th April, 2021 c) 29th August, 2021 6) Our Nine Mornings are celebrated in the month of a) January b) July c) December 7) October 27th each year is SVG's ______________ day a) independence b) Christmas c) Fishermen's 8) SVG's National Heroes is celebrated on _________ each year a) March14th b) April 4th c) May 4th 9) The name of SVG's airport is a) Argyle International Airport b) E.T. Joshua Airport c) J.K Michell Airport 10) SVG celebrated _______ years of independence in 2021. a) 43 b) 42 c) 45 11) The green in our national flag represents the plural nature of our country. a) green b) yellow c) blue 12) SVG's national flower is the a) hibiscus b) Soufriere Tree c) fern

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