blood - Soak in cold water until stains turn light brown. Then wash in warm water and detergent. If the material is silk or wool, use cold water or lukewarm water., chocolate - If stains cannot be removed with soap and hot water try a biological detergent which contains bleach., coffee/tea - Pour on boiling water, provided it will not damage the fabric., fruit juice - Wash with cold water, then use a biological washing powder which contains bleach., grass - Soak in alcohol., grease/oil - Wash in warm water and soap, or use clean white blotting paper, a piece on each side of the stain, and iron with a warm iron., ink - Soak in milk for 1-2 days., paint - Use turpentine or white spirit, varnish - Rub with alcohol then wash with warm water and soap., nail polish - Use acetone.,




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