1) Which ethnic group introduced the languages of Spanish and French to the Caribbean? a) Chinese b) Europeans c) Africans 2) Which of the world religions below is NOT popular in the Caribbean? a) Christianity b) Scientology  c) Islam 3) Name the ethnic group that wears the traditional dress of Saris. a) Africans b) Europeans c) Indians 4) Gombey and Kumina are traditional dances of which ethnic groups? a) Africans b) Chinese c) Amerindians 5) Steel pan music was made popular by which Caribbean island? a) Jamaica b) Trinidad and Tobago c) St. Vincent and the Grenadines 6) Choose which one of the crafts below were NOT made by our Caribbean ancestors? a) Ice sculptor b) Straw basket c) Wattle basket 7) This festival is unique to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. a) Crop Over b) Carnival c) Nine Mornings 8) This Caribbean festival is called the festival of lights. a) Christmas b) Diwali c) Junkanoo 9) All of the following are indigenous Caribbean music except? a) Rap b) Calypso c) Dancehall 10) Roti and curried mango are cuisine made popular by which Caribbean ethnic group? a) Amerindians b) Europeans c) Indians




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