1) Christopher Columbus left Spain for his first voyage on a) 3rd August 1492 b) 3rd August 1482 c) 13th October 1492 d) 13th October 1482 2) He took _____ ships on his first voyage. a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 3) The first island he explored was __________. a) b) c) d) 4) On his second voyage, Columbus had a total of __________ ships. a) 14 b) 15 c) 16 d) 17 5) He brought animals such as __________, ______________ and _______________. a) pigs, horses and cattle b) agouti, manicou, doves c) sheep, agouti and cattle d) turtle, ducks and horses 6) Christopher Columbus and his men were a) Christian b) Islam c) Rastafarian d) Muslim 7) The first island Christopher Columbus saw on his second voyage was __________ a) Cuba b) Dominica c) Hispaniola d) Puerto Rico 8) There were ___________ men on the second voyage. a) 1000 b) 2000 c) 3000 d) 4000 9) Columbus and his brother ____________ were responsible for the second voyage. a) Las Casas b) Batholomew c) Diego d) Montesinos 10) Columbus left for his third voyage on __________________ a) May 1498 b) June 1498 c) July 1498 d) August 1498 11) Columbus explored the Gulf of Paria on _______________. a) July 1498 b) August 1498 c) September 1498 d) October 1498 12) ______________ came to restore order to the Caribbean as a result of Columbus harsh treatment of the natives. a) Montesinos b) Bartholomew c) Diego d) Bobadilla 13) Columbus and his brothers were arested in the year _________ and sent back to Spain. a) 1500 b) 1501 c) 1502 d) 1503 14) Columbus learnt of that there was ___________ in the Caribbean. a) Silver b) Diamonds c) Gold d) Copper 15) At the beginning of his explorations Columbus was promised ___________________. a) a mansion b) a title and coat of arms c) a country d) to be made king




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