1) Sam is going to Europe to enjoy its great food and drinks. What type of tourist would he be labeled as? a) An Ecotourist b) A culinary tourist c) A business tourist 2) Sara is a marine biologist and wants to travel to Barbados to enjoy its lovely caves and coral reefs. When he gets to the immigration officer at the airport they ask him what is his reason for visiting. Which answer is the best one to give? a) For ecotourism purpose b) For business purposes c) For Culinary Tourism purpose 3) Anne and Mary are having an argument. Mary says that traveling inside your country makes you a domestic tourist buy Mary does not agree. Who is corrrect? a) Mary  b) Anne 4) Which of these is a benefit of domestic tourism? a) It allows people to travel to other countries b) It allows persons to get to know their own country c) It allows tourist to keep their money  5) What type of tourism is being shown in the picture? a) Domestic tourism  b) Ecotourism c) Agritourism 6) _______ tourism deals with persons who travel for work and use leisure facilities. a) Business Tourism  b) Agritourism c) Ecotourism


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