1) Marriage between more than two people a) Monogamy b) Polygyny c) Polyandry d) Polygamy 2) Marriage to two men or two women at the same time. a) Endogamy b) Polygamy c) Bigamy d) Neolocal 3) The couple takes up residence with the wife's parents. a) Matrilineal b) Matrilocal  c) Matriarchal d) Bilineal 4) Father/male has dominant authority; he is head of the household. a) Patriarchal b) Equalitarian c) Exogamy d) Matriarchal 5) Partner must be chosen from the outside his or her tribe, group etc a) Polyandry b) Exogamy c) Neolocal d) Endogamy 6) One man having two or more wives a) Monogamy b) Polyandry c) Polygyny d) Polygamy




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