1) with a star on top a) a Christmas tree b) an elf c) a chimney 2) A bit overweight and funny man. a) a reindeer b) Santa Claus c) a sleigh 3) Santa's means of transportation. a) a chimney b) a reindeer c) a sleigh 4) a door decoration made of evergreen a) a wreath b) holly c) mistletoe 5) decoration a) a Christmas tree b) ornaments  c) a snowflake 6) You can find them under a Christmas tree. a) gifts b) bells c) a wreath 7) a small piece of snow that falls from the sky a) an ornament  b) holly c) a snowflake 8) a small evergreen tree with shiny, sharp leaves and small, round, red fruit. a) holly b) a wreath c) mistletoe 9) on the top of the house a) a fireplace b) a chimney c) a sleigh 10) a Christmas cookie a) a candy cane b) a gingerbread man c) a snowflake 11) traditional Christmas sweets a) a snowflake b) a gingerbread man c) a candy cane 12) Santa's favorite animal a) a reindeer b) an elf c) a gingerbread nan 13) get together with your family if you're cold a) a chimney b) a fireplace c) a Christmas tree 14) stuffed with sweets and presents a) a fireplace b) a chimney c) a stocking 15) a happy or religious song, usually sung at Christmas a) prayer b) lullaby c) carol 16) Santa lives there a) North Pole b) Siberia c) the Carpathians 17) You use them to decorate your house a) ornaments b) Christmas lights c) snowflakes 18) Santa's helpers a) reindeer b) elves c) gingerbread men


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