you found a $100 dollar bill in the park?, you saw a young child standing alone in the mall crying?, you arrive at school still wearing your slippers?, you deeply cut your hand and no one was home?, your friend was being bullied by a group of kids?, you got home and realized you left your most treasured item at a restaurant?, you were locked out of the house and no one was home?, you arrived at a party and saw someone you haven't seen in years?, your grocery store stopped carrying your favorite food item?, you later found out you were hanging out with someone who now has a contagious virus/disease?, your friend is coming over to play video games and your dog just chewed your controller?, you got your hair cut and hate the way it looks?, your little sister "borrowed" your tablet and broke it?, you were late for class and missed the directions for the assignment?, you aren't interested in what the people at your lunch table are talking about?, you forgot to wear deodorant and you're doing sprints for the entire PE class., your parent(s) took away your electronics as a consequence., you get to school and realize you forgot your lunch at the bus stop?.

Problem solving secondary level


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