1) The weather ____________ very good at the moment. a) not b) aren't c) isn't d) are 2) My brother _____________ here. He's on holiday. a) is b) isn't c) are d) aren't 3) My sister and me ______________ Spanish. We're Portuguese. a) are b) isn't c) am not d) aren't 4) I__________ from London. I'm from Manchester. a) is not b) aren't c) am n't d) 'm not 5) Suki __________ Australian. She's Japanese. a) ain't b) am not c) 's not d) aren't 6) You_____________ from Worcester. Where are you from originally? a) 're not b) is not c) are d) not 7) Your brother ____________ here. Where is he? a) are b) isn't c) are not d) aren't 8) Mike ___________ at home. He's at work. a) is b) not c) isn't d) aren't

Empower A2 unit 1 (verb be negative)





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