1) What does ful mean  a) full of b) not hungry c) a pet dog 2) What does s and es mean a) more than 5 b) more than 1 c) less than 1 3) What does less mean a) not as many b) without c) some 4) What does ness mean (happiness) a) none b) full c) a quality 5) What does ment mean a) process of b) stop c) it's a flavor 6) What does ly answer a) who b) what c) when d) how e) where 7) what does ed mean a) A man's name b) happened in the past c) happened tomorrow 8) What does suffix ing means? a) right now b) yesterday c) tomorrow 9) er means? (pick two) a) comparison of two things b) comparison of 3 things c) a person who ..... or a thing that ...... d) to make 10) est means? (pick two) a) compares three or more things b) the most c) the least d) a person who 11) ist means a) a person who b) comparing three or more things c) sort of 12) y means a) who b) what kind c) you 13) en means? a) to make b) to do c) to have 14) ish (childish) means? a) behaves like b) sort of c) compares 3 or more things 15) able means? a) I can b) ability c) able to 16) ity meas? a) being the base word b) a quality of c) long

Suffix Review Barton Level 5 Lesson 5 (5.5)


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