1) The author wrote a book about his life. a) biography b) autobiography c) classic novel d) crime novel 2) Someone wrote a book about a famous person's life. a) autobiography b) crime novel c) biography d) poem 3) This book is about people who lived in the past. a) historical fiction b) autobiography c) comic book d) short story 4) This story is about space and robots. a) science fiction b) Fairy tales c) Horror fiction d) poem 5) This book is about magic. a) Fairy tales b) Thriller c) autobiography d) fantasy 6) This book is about a detective who is looking for a criminal. a) classic novel b) crime novel c) historical fiction d) Thriller 7) This story is in pictures. a) comic book b) Fairy tales c) poem d) fantasy 8) This story is famous and loved by many people. a) Horror fiction b) historical fiction c) Thriller d) classic novel 9) It has rhymes. a) poem b) historical fiction c) biography d) short story 10) 'Cinderella', 'Snow White', 'Three Little Pigs' are ... a) historical fiction b) Fairy tales c) fantasy d) classic novel 11) This story is only 5 pages long. a) short story b) comic book c) poem d) crime novel 12) This story is about monsters. a) fantasy b) Horror fiction c) comic book d) crime novel 13) This story is full of action. a) poem b) Thriller c) autobiography d) fantasy




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