1) Spell /k/ with a ____, whenever you can a) c b) ck c) k 2) What are the 3 watch-out-vowels? a) a, e , i b) o, a, y c) e, i, y 3) Find each nonsense word (check for watch-out-vowels that come after a C): a) ceth b) cap c) cisp d) cash e) cop f) cep 4) In words with 1 vowel, double ___, ____, ____, and _____ at the end a) S, P, T, Z b) F, L, S, Z c) T, F, L, B 5) Which words need the Floss rule? a) buz b) bat c) but d) bad e) bul f) buf 6) If you need to spell /k/, at the end of a word, what rule do you use? a) Kiss the Cat b) Floss c) Milk Truck 7) The Milk Truck rule is: "The only time you use CK is right after a ____________." a) long vowel b) short vowel c) any vowel 8) Choose the words that are NOT spelled correctly, using the Milk Truck rule: a) milck b) silk c) stuck d) luc e) brick f) stak 9) The Act Rule: If you hear /kt/ at the end of a word, how do you spell it? a) kt b) ct c) ckt 10) You are halfway done with this quiz! Find all the fun things to do in the summer: a) b) c) d) e) f) 11) What rule helps you spell the /ch/ sound at the end of a word? a) Milk Truck b) Catch Lunch c) Act 12) "The only time you use ______, is right after a _________" a) -tch, short vowel b) -ch, short vowel c) -tch, long vowel 13) Which English words are exceptions to the Catch Rule rule?  (They DO NOT follow the rule) a) such, much, rich, and which b) cruch, mich, wrech, witch c) buntch, cruntch, stentch 14) A contraction makes words shorter and faster to say by removing a _________, in order to remove one syllable. a) vowel b) consonant 15) Remove the vowel (and any consonant in front of the vowel) from the ____________________ in contraction. a) first word b) second word 16) To make a contraction, replace the vowel removed in the second word with an _________ and then squish the two words toegher. a) ? (question mark) b) ' (apostrophe / flying comma) c) ; (semi-colon) 17) A weirdo contraction that does NOT follow the rules is: a) won't = will not b) she's = she is c) we're = we are 18) How do you make "she would" a contraction? What would you combine with "she"? a) 'd b) 'ld c) 'wld 19) How many letters are in a unit? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 20) Read aloud and check all words that contain units: a) fall b) prong c) think d) thick e) long f) tank 21) Great Work! Final Question: Find all the cute baby animals: a) b) c) d) e) f)

Level 3 Spelling Rule Review


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