1) How many planets are there in our solar system? a) 9 b) 8 c) 7 2) Which planet is closest to the sun? a) Earth b) Venus c) Mercury 3) What is the largest planet called? a) Saturn b) Jupiter c) Uranus 4) Which of these planet has a ring around it? a) Saturn b) Venus c) Mars 5) Which is the hottest planet? a) Mercury  b) Venus c) Earth 6) What is the fifth planet from the sun? a) Jupiter b) Mars c) Uranus 7) What is the farthest planet from the sun? a) Jupiter b) Uranus c) Neptune 8) What is the rotational period of Earth? a) 48 hours b) 24 hours c) 12 hours 9) Mars is the smallest planet in the Solar System. a) True b) False 10) Which planet is the coldest? a) Uranus b) Mars c) Neptune

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