1) Animals without a backbone are known as a) vertebrates b) invertebrates c) Amphibians 2) Vertebrates are divided into __________classes a) 5 b) 4 c) 3 3) The class of vertebrates that lives in both water and on land is the a) Reptile b) Amphibian c) Fish 4) Animals whose body temperature changes according to the temperature outside is known as a) Warm-blooded animals b) Cold-blooded animals c) Invertebrates 5) Whale belongs to the _____________class of vertebrates a) Fish b) Bird c) Mammals 6) Which group of vertebrates give birth to live young? a) Birds b) Reptiles c) Mammals 7) Which of the following groups of animals all lay eggs. a) Fish, birds, mammals and reptiles b) Fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians c) Fish, birds, amphibians and mammals 8) Which class of vertebrates skin is covered with feathers a) Birds b) Amphibians c) Reptiles 9) Reptiles lay their eggs a) in water b) on land c) both water and land 10) Fish breathe through a) gills b) lungs c) nostrils




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