1) In a Barton tutoring session, what is the first thing you should do before you spell a word? a) Say, "I don't want to spell!" b) Repeat the word out loud. c) 2) After you repeat a multi-syllable word that your tutor wants you to spell you should a) Stand on your head. b) Clap or tap the syllables. c) Say the word again really fast and loud. 3) After you clap the syllables in a word, you should a) try to spell the whole word. b) hit the easy button and spell just the first syllable. c) spell the last syllable. 4) A syllable is: a) the beats in a word. b) a single, unbroken vowel sound with other letters in a word. c) a mouthful or chunk-of-word that you can say at once. d) 5) A syllable is not a) every single sound in a word b) the whole word c) a single vowel d) a, b, and c 6) After you spell the first syllable in a word you should a) say the whole word again to find the next syllable b) just finish spelling the word c) get frustrated because you don't know how to spell the word 7) Barton tutors ask you to repeat a word a) because they are trying to make you talk when you don't want to b) so they can make sure you heard the word correctly c) so they can make sure they said the word correctly d) b and c 8) Barton tutors have students clap or tap out syllables a) to make spelling harder b) because this trick makes spelling much much easier for the student c) because they like listening to clapping sounds 9) Following a tutor's directions will a) make your life boring b) cost you a lot of money c) make reading and spelling a little easier for you 10) Not following the tutors directions will a) Make the tutor give up on you so you wont have to do this b) make tutoring go much faster c) make tutoring take much longer 11) A tutor will have more time for fun games and breaks a) if I follow directions as best I can b) if I refuse to do it her way - my way is better c) goof around and refuse to do my work 12) It's ok to get angry or frustrated as long as a) I totally give up b) I keep trying my best c) grumble and complain 13) If I decide to try my best and follow directions a) I will fail and be embarrassed. b) I will slowly become a better reader and speller. c) I will just prove how stupid I really am. 14) With some real effort I can  a) just quit and be fine in life. b) do hard things and get better at them. c) fly. 15) My tutor and parents a) want to see me succeed b) just want to give me extra work

Barton / Student Behavior - do's and don'ts (Level 4)


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