1) Greg ______ puzzles. a) like b) likes 2) My brother and I ______ lego. a) play b) plays 3) Harry and Ron ______ at Hogwarts. a) live b) lives 4) Our friend Alex ______ a bike. a) ride b) rides 5) My dog ______ meat. a) eat b) eats 6) Many kids ______ in the park. a) skateboard b) skateboards 7) Elefants ______ _______ pastries. a) don't eat b) doesn't eat c) doesn't eats 8) This monkey _______ tennis very well. a) play b) plays 9) Me and my friend _______ ________ milk. a) doesn't like b) don't like c) doesn't likes 10) His friends ______ ______ emails. a) don't write b) doesn't writes c) doesn't write 11) _______ your mum ______ cake for your Birthday? a) Do b) Does c) make d) makes 12) ______ cats _____ milkshake? a) Do b) Does c) drink d) drinks 13) _______ Sam and Tom _______ swimming?  a) Do b) Does c) goes d) go




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