1) Tina usually _____ a dress, but today she ______ jeans. a) wears / is wearing b) wears / wears c) is wearing / wears 2) John never ______ meat on his pizza. Look! He _______ a vegetarian pizza now. a) is having / has b) has / is having c) has / has 3) Mum always _______ dad some tea after breakfast, but right now she _____ him some coffee. a) makes / makes b) is making / makes c) makes / is making 4) The boys usually _______ football, but at the moment they _______ tennis. a) play / play b) play / are playing c) are playing / are playing 5) The girls ______ sport on TV now, but on Saturdays they always ______ a film. a) watch / watch b) watch / are watching c) are watching / watch 6) Alice _________ her homework now. a) isn't doing b) doesn't do 7) We ______ play computer games every day. a) aren't play b) don't play

Go getter 3. Unit 1. Present Simple / Continuous


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