1. do my ____2. get ____ 3. ____ TV 4. go to ____ 5. ____ bed 6. ____ music 7. tidy ____ 8. hang out with ____ I get up at half past seven but my parents ____ up at seven o`clock. My sister, Kate, ____ up late every day! We have ____ together. After breakfast I ____ to school with Kate. We go on the bus. Kate ____ to music and I ____ out with my friends. We have ____ and and we ____ lunch at one o`clock. I`m at my cousin Julie`s ____ this week. It`s in the country. It isn`t very big but it`s got a fantastic ____! My uncle and aunt ____ up at half past six. I get up and have ____with them and Julie. ____ breakfast I go to bed again - it`s the holidays! Then I tidy my ____. Julie and I ____ do sports after lunch. Julie ____ skateboard really well. She`s my new teacher! We often ____ out with Julie`s friends before dinner. Before bed we ____ to music or watch TV. I get up early every day. I have a ____ and then I have breakfast. Mum sometimes makes ____! I usually ride my bike to school. I always do my ____ at school after lessons. Then I go home and I tidy my ____. I have dinner with my family and we all watch ____. I sometimes hang out with my ____ after school on Fridays. We listen to music and we speek about our week.

Language Revision. Unit 6. Go getter 1


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