What do you usually eat for breakfast?, Do you have/want a big family? Why? Why not?, What do you like about your house/flat?, How do you travel to your work?, What do you do at your work?, Who is the boss in your family?, Who do you get on with best in your family?, How do you spend your free time alone/with children/parents/friends?, What is your favourite book? , What is your favourite film?, What are some things you always take with you on a trip?, How do you usually spend your holidays? , What skill would you like to learn but don’t have time to?, What household chores are best and worst, in your opinion?, What do you prefer - outdoor/indoor activities? Why?, What do you prefer - coffee or tea? Why?, How do you relax?, Are you a night owl or an early bird?, Do you know what to do to learn quickly and remember things better?, Which sense is the most important? Smell, hearing, taste, sight, touch?, What do you like about your city/town/village?, How do you celebrate your birthday?, What do you do to improve your English? , Would you like to learn another language? Which one? , What is your daily routine?, What are the most important subjects to learn at school?, What is the best job, in your opinion? Why? , What is your favourite season and why?, Tell me about your pet., Tell me about the best place for holidays., What can you cook?, How often do you get ill?, How many electrical devices have you got? Can you name them?, What is your favourite invention? Why?, What is your favourite sport? How often do you do it?, Do you have a favourite dish? What is it?, Public transport or your own car?, What is the worst job in the world? Why?, What do you do when you get sick?, What’s the weather like today?, Why do you learn English?, What is your favourite family tradition?, What do people do to keep fit?, What do you like about your country?, What do you drink most often?.



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