1) The Skeleton system is made up of _________ bones. a) 306 b) 206 c) 106 d) 60 2) Which is not a major bone of the skeleton? a) Cranium b) Pelvis or hip bone c) Rib cage d) Sternum e) Vertebrae 3) All of the following are roles of the skeleton EXCEPT a) Movement b) Protection c) Reduce friction between bones. d) Makes blood cells. e) Storage of calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D. 4) Which is the longest bone in the skeleton system? a) Ulna b) Humerus c) Tibia d) Femur 5) Which is the smallest bone in the human body? a) Stapes b) Malleus c) Phalanges d) Incus 6) Which bone protects the brain? a) Sternum b) Cranium c) Femur d) Patella 7) Which bones protect the heart? a) Rib cage only b) Rib cage and sternum c) Sternum only d) Vertebrae 8) Which major bone protects the reproductive system? a) Pelvis b) Vertebrae c) Rib cage d) Femur 9) The chief material that strengthens the bone is called __________________________. a) calcium  hydroxide b) calcium oxide c) calcium chloride d) calcium phosphate e) calcium sulfate 10) Which list of nutrients maintains healthy bones? a) Calcium, Vitamin K and Sulfate b) Calcium, phosphate, vitamin D c) Calcium, iron and Vitamin C d) Phosphorous, Iron and Vitamin E 11) Which major bone(s) protects the spinal cord? a) Rib cage b) Pelvis c) Vertebral column d) Cranium 12) Blood cells are made in the ____________________ of bones. a) red marrow b) spongy c) yellow marrow d) compact bone 13) Fat is stored in bones in the _____________________. a) periosteum b) compact bone c) red marrow d) yellow marrow




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